MetaNetX citations & news is an online platform for accessing, analyzing and manipulating genome-scale metabolic networks (GSM) as well as biochemical pathways. To this end, it integrates a great variety of data sources and tools.


  • MetaNetX/MNXref: unified namespace for metabolites and biochemical reactions in the context of metabolic models
    Sébastien Moretti, Van Du T Tran, Florence Mehl, Mark Ibberson, Marco Pagni
    Nucleic Acids Research (2021), 49(D1):D570-D574   [RIS]
  • MetaNetX/MNXref - reconciliation of metabolites and biochemical reactions to bring together genome-scale metabolic networks
    Sébastien Moretti, Olivier Martin, T. Van Du Tran, Alan Bridge, Anne Morgat and Marco Pagni
    Nucleic Acids Research (2016), 44(D1):D523-D526   [RIS]
  • a website and repository for accessing, analysing and manipulating metabolic networks
    Mathias Ganter, Thomas Bernard, Sébastien Moretti, Jörg Stelling and Marco Pagni
    Bioinformatics (2013), 29(6):815-816   [RIS]
  • Reconciliation of metabolites and biochemical reactions for metabolic networks
    Thomas Bernard, Alan Bridge, Anne Morgat, Sébastien Moretti, Ioannis Xenarios and Marco Pagni
    Briefings in Bioinformatics (2014), 15(1):123-135   [RIS]


  • ChemAxon is used to build metabolite images from MOL, InChI or SMILES.
  • Gurobi is used to solve and to optimize fluxes in models.

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